Earn PED by completing tasks!

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Earning PED

Here at PEDflow, we have many different things you can do to Earn PED for free. We also have affiliate offers than can earn your rewards and PED. Here are some of the ways you can earn ped with our website:

Earn more PED with the free Entropia Universe Auction House.
Earn More

Earn more PED when selling your items. No Auction Fee's! This means you make more on each sale.

Earn PED by completing tasks.
Complete Tasks

Completing tasks through our vendors is a quick and easy way to earn.

Earn PED by completing surveys.
Complete Surveys

Giving your opinion through surveys can lead to a large number of PED very quickly.

Earn PED by watching videos.
Watching Videos

All the Top Earners are watching videos, it's by far the best way to Earn PED.

Earn PED by listening to PEDflow Radio.
PEDflow Radio

Do you listen to a lot of music? Listen to PEDflow radio and Earn More PED!

Earn PED by listening to PEDflow Radio.
Affiliate Offers

PEDflow partners with many vendors to bring you offers with PED rewards!

Help support the Entropia Universe community through events and services.
Community Support

Your hard work helps fund community events and services!

Earn promotional PED through being active in discord
Discord Promotions

Earn promotional PED through the discord community chat.

Earn PED by investing in PF Deeds.
Community Investment

Join hundreds of others in investing in your pie.