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Invest Your PED

Buy PF Deeds

PF.Deeds have been fully deployed and are open to in-game deposit for purchase.

Invest your PED within PEDflow deeds and receive your share of revenue generated on the PEDflow land deed.


Total Cost: 20 PED


Frequently asked questions

PEDflow deeds are our proprietary investment offering available only to registered members of the website. Deeds are limited in quantity, and will be released in units of 1000 deeds. Once offering goals have been reached, no further lots will be released. The resources acquired through the deed offerings will be used to acquire land areas and to fund investment projects.
Pf.Deeds are designed for players who are looking to make smart investments as part of their long term play strategy. Using the power of crowd resources, PEDflow will leverage several investment projects both within, and outside of game. Our unique spread of investment projects create a investment return stream that are both reliable, and sustainable.
Payouts for Pf.Deeds are due by Tuesday, 9:30PM PST and cycle Monday to Monday of each week for revenue calculations. The amount each deed pays out is based off a variety of fund managed investments, including the backing of cally deeds per 1000 Pf.Deed units for stability and reliability.

Example: Week 15 payout was 0.03 PED per deed, which was generated strictly through cally deeds. Week 16 payout was 0.07, 0.02 of which was provided by cally deeds, the rest as a result of other returns on investments.
Pf.Deeds will be sellable within our global market, at which time the value will be based on what you can sell them for (IE: what someone's willing to pay for them). Prices will be decided by the users who are selling them.
Our target payout is 0.25 ped per deed. There is no minimum payout, however since the deeds are backed by cally deeds there is a good chance of a payout being available. All returns from investments are added to the weekly payouts. The amount each deed receives is based on available payout balance, divided by the number of deeds in circulation. Should any fractional PED be left over, the remainder of the balance will be added to the following weeks payout.
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