Withdraw/Deposit PED

All transactions have a 30 day holding period, find out how much PED you have available for withdraw

Let's get started!

Withdraw Minimum:

A 20.00 PED balance is required to withdraw.

Fee: FREE!!!

Withdraws CANNOT be requested from general chat in discord.

You can private message anyone online in discord who has a Role to initiate a transfer. Transfers can take up to 3 days to complete depending on when you're online compared to a Team Member.


Withdraws and deposits can be made any time a team member is currently online. Fund are available for withdraw once they have been in your account for 30 days. Pf.Deeds payouts are available instantly.


All transactions are handled under the PEDflow sign at LA #23 Teleport [Calypso, 30843, 40282, 144, Waypoint]


Availability varies depending on teams activity. Our general hours are 5PM-3AM PST.

Anyone Online?

A 20.00 PED balance is required to withdraw.

View All Transactions

The easiest way to see if any of our team is online, is to check the bottom left hand corner of your browser. You will see a pair of hands when we are online, they look like this:

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