PEDflow Frequently Asked Questions

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Raffles tickets are earned through a few methods. Currently you earn 1 each day automatically when visiting the site, and you can earn them as a payout reward from the PEDflow Radio.

*Note* After 05/10/2020 the daily raffle tickets are no longer automated. You will have to collect your raffle ticket each day manually. More details will be added about this soon.
Yes you do! All users you refer to PEDflow who use your personal referral link when registering will be added as your referral.

You will receive 20% of all PED earned by these users on qualified payouts.

Current Qualified Payouts: Adwall Offers, Offerwall Offers
We allow multiple accounts, but with limitations.

Only ONE account may use the radio. Period. If two accounts from the same household are found using the radio, both accounts will be banned from using the radio, and all PED earned from the radio will be seized from the second account.

Doing wall offers from a second account is risky, and could get your account banned by the vendors, which means they will not offer you opportunities in the future. Do this at your own risk. We are not liable and cannot get your unbanned.
You can email a photo of your in game profile information showing your actual account name to [email protected], send this from the email you used to register your account.
There has been some random issues with the vendor submitting task completions. Occasionally the vendor will send over the same payment several times. These occurrences are monitored for and corrected manually. If you notice a vendor paid out multiple time, please report it. It will be found either way.

PED Earning

These tv sites are for the most part stable and reliable in most cases. However, there are instances where KNOWN problems are occurring in which most are fixable, even if only temporary. The first step is to check if you are logged in. Hideout requires an account so make sure to register if you haven't yet. Learn More.

If the ad is just frozen, try scrolling down the window a bit until the ad resumes, you may need to leave the window scrolled down slightly.....The next step is to try refreshing the page. Most of the time this fixes the issue. If this doesn't work try closing the page completely and trying again. Then if that doesn't work, close the browser and re-open. If there is still no resolution, clear your browser cache, and in some cases you may need to restart your computer.

If the problem persists, more than likely it's a browser or compatibility issue. Try upgrading to the newest browser or download a different browser (Most of us use multiple browsers). It is possible your system does not have enough accessible memory to perform the pre-ad data loading. If you are low of ram or notice frequent lag spikes then you probably need more memory.

It's less likely but it's possible your page file, browser cache, or hard drive are low of storage space. Try cleaning your page file, run CCleaner to clean up Local Temp Storage files, and possibly even run DeFraggler to help optimize your drive speed. If after all these steps you are still having issues please report them through the support page. We will need: Browsers tested, browser versions, and if possible the description of the individual ad(s) it's happening on.
The PEDflow radio pays out every 30 minutes of continual play time. When you start playing the radio you will get a tick within the first few minutes. After this tick, you will get a dice roll every 30 minutes. The results of that dice roll will decide your payout. There is a graphic on the radio page that shows how the payouts work.
Our player is available in all countries. Don't be alarmed if you don't hear ads, some countries don't have ads. Ads playing do not effect your payout, and making ads play more often does not make you get paid more.
First, make sure that you are logged in. If the payout history is only displaying "Loading..." something is wrong with your session token. Log out and log back in, check to see if the payout history loads.

It also might be a cache issue. Log out, clear you browsers cache, and log back in. It's a known issue that sometime the radio and payouts stop after many hours. Refreshing the page every few hours should prevent this. Think of it as a "Recaptcha Check" or "Are you still there" like pandora. The cause has been located, but will not be removed.
The first step is to make sure you actually completed the offer within the requirements. Some offers can take a few hours to pay, some a few days. So be patient. If you have, then you will need to file a ticket with the vendor directly. This can be done from the wall you got the offer, and by clicking "support". Once you have a reply from them, I am actually able to help from my end. If you have screenshots of the offer being completed, send them to the vendor with your request.


In each channel there is a bell icon in the upper right, but to the left of the search bar. Click on the channel you want to mute and click this icon.
We have many roles within our discord to separate different levels of user. By default, new users have no roles. Roles are assigned when applicable.

No, asking to become a moderator or admin will not get you made one. We recruit from within, and by invitation only. please do not ask.

Senior Officers These are users who have full access to everything on the site, and in discord. These are leaders, and owners of PEDflow.

Imperial Legate These are highly trusted members of our team who have access to most information on the website, and have the ability to mange users within discord. These users can give you answers to most of the questions you might have, but should only be contacted directly if you have problems that need immediate attention and no Senior Officers are available. Simple questions can be directed at Ambassadors.

Ambassadors Ambassadors have proven themselves to be helpful to the community, and hold a good amount of knowledge about PEDflow and our goals. These users have shown initiative and were hand selected. They can provide awnsers to most questions you might have about PEDflow or the game, but they do not have access to account information on the website. Amabassadors are the first line for recruitment to Imperial Legate, and all Imperial Legate must first become Ambassadors. Ambassadors have moderation capabilities in discord.

Channel Moderators These are users who have stuck out amongst the many and have shown they can be trusted enough to help provide channel moderation. Users here are hand selected and often rule over a single channel. Most often, they speak non-english natively and provide assistance to other non-english speaking players in sub-general channels.

Town Criers Town Crier is a position available within PEDflow, and is a paid position. Criers are recruited specifically for the purpose of promoting the PEDflow website and it's in game events. This position can be applied for on request, and may not be a permanent position. Not all applicants are accepted and those who are not actively promoting will be removed.

Centurions These users are active members of the PEDflow society in game. All PEDflow society members are given this role in discord.

Old Guard This role is given as a legacy role to users who came from the original discord. This role is not longer assigned to users, and can only be obtained from being part of the original user base who made PEDflow as powerful as it is today.

Stock Market

PEDflow has began the process of creating a consolidated area for public offerings. Our goal is to one day provide access to many investment options created for users just like you. We currently have one offering, but look forward to the day we have more.

The best way to understand the PEDflow Stock Market, is to compare it to the real work stock market. The concept is identical.
PEDflow deeds are our proprietary investment offering available only to registered members of the website.

Deeds are limited in quantity, only 9000 were ever produced. They must be purchased from other players who are selling them.

As of early 2020, LA #28 was purchased entirely by money raised selling these deeds. All revenue generated from the LA are paid out as dividends to stock holders.
PFD stock is designed for players who whish to invest their money intelligently.

While there are many different options open to players, many player ran investments have ended up in tragedy. More often than not players lost all of their investment. The owners of the funds taking this money for themselves.

When you buy PFD stock, you aren't buying hopes and dreams. You are buying into ownership of a physical land area within the game. If the fund ever fell on hard times, you would still have capital from the land it'self. Should the fund ever have to close, you would get most if not all of your investment back through the sale of the land.

PFD stock is a safe, equity backed investment designed to allow players of any type to become a land area owner.
Payouts for PFD stock are due by Tuesday, 9:30PM PST and cycle Tuesday to Tuesday of each week for revenue calculations.

It's important to remember that payouts are not always made exactly by this time. All taxes and revenues are recorded as they are receive and payouts will come but sometimes real life causes some delay. If it's tuesday at 9:45 PM PST and they payout hasn't come yet, don't stress! It will be on its way soon. I promise :)

The majority of the payout amounts are based on tax revenue generated from the land area, but does include some revenues from other assets attached to the land area. This includes but is not limited to sales made through the LA shop keepers, and in game deed payouts owned by the fund.
As of early 2020, PFD stock orders have been filled and land area #28 has been purchased!!! Good job everyone!!

This means you can now sell your PFD stock if you own any. If you don't own any, you must now purchase them from other players.
We have been working hard to get the best payouts we can for PFD stock holders, and we have been doing pretty good!

Our end goal is to see a 0.20 PED payout per stock each week, but this is a really big long term goal. To get there, we must grow the funds assets, which we are currently in the process of doing.

Short term, we want to ensure that payouts stay about 0.05 PED each week. We feel this is a good payout amount, and if we can keep above that each week as we grow, owners will be happy.

Our latest push has been to spread awareness of LA #28 being under new management, and getting more users on location through events. Along with this we have diversified the items we sell in the shop keepers. We have also recruited and trained promoters to ensure our events get noticed.
Currently the only place to get weekly payout information of PFD stock is through our discord.

There you will find a channel called 'pfdeed-payouts', this channel will give you the entire payout history of the stock.

We will soon have this information available from the invest page along side the stock sell/buy orders so it's all in one place.