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PEDflow is a community created to fill a need within Entropia Universe. Our focus from the start has always been users, and it will continue to be.


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With PEDflow, You can not only earn PED, but you can also join one of the best paying investment oppertunities.

It's now possible for users just like you to own your stake in Entropia Universe land! Asset backed dividends now available to all users.

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Monthly Contests

Most Earned From Wall Offers This Month
10-01-2020 - 10-31-2020
Place 1: 70 PED
Place 2: 30 PED
Place 3: 30 PED
  • 102.140 PED1: Jaro0
  • 61.400 PED2: rav
  • 60.000 PED3: Draconicwizard
Most Earned From Videos This Month
10-01-2020 - 10-31-2020
Place 1: 65 PED
Place 2: 45 PED
Place 3: 20 PED
  • 60.000 PED1: Draconicwizard
  • 31.520 PED2: xXGeCeXx
  • 16.200 PED3: AxeRusted