PEDflow Guides

We have been working on guides to help new players, we hope you find them helpful!

Understanding The PEDflow Website

There is a lot going on within this website, and it can be confusing if you are just starting out. This guide will help you understand the different areas of the website, what they do, and how to solve the most common problems players have.

Earn More PED with Coin2Earn Partner

This is big news for anyone who loves earning free PED! PEDflow has partnered with a new website, and you can earn some serious PED by recruiting new users there from a large selection of games! Don't get many offers from our vendors because you live in a country that doesn't have any? You can now recruit players from other games and withdraw your earnings to PEDflow!

Earn Free PED with

Get paid to watch TV! This guide will walk you through the steps of getting setup and your PEDflow account linked.

New Player Initiative Program (NPIP)

Are you new to Entropia? Do you often recruit new players to PEDflow? This new program exclusively at now rewards new players and gets them more PED to play on! As a new player it can be tough to get started, the NPIP puts more PED in your pocket and unlocks new opportunities to recruiters!

Robinhood Investing - 10 PED

Earn 10 PED and get a Free Stock when you signup with Robinhood and complete your account setup.

Free Skill Thursday

This is a PEDflow Sponsored Eco Hunt and is entirely free to all members. Get free melee combat skill every week!

Updating The Entropia Client Load

Having trouble with updating the game? This article can give you some ideas on how to fix it!