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Fight For 500

The PEDflow Fight For 500 has started, now's your chance to earn PED while battling to win 500 more PED! 2 additional winners and a secret merch item giveaway awaits.


PEDflow Halloween Hunt 2021

The free PEDflow Halloween hunt is on! Get more information on the free Halloween hunt.


Public Meeting Announcement - Set For 10/17/2020

It's time for another PEDflow public meeting, and you certainly don't want to miss this one! We will be covering quite a few updates on changes that have happened recently, along with some new exciting announcements.


PEDflow Radio Rebuilt

The PEDflow Radio service has been rebuilt. The legacy radio system that served hundreds of users a day has been rebuilt from the ground up. After noticing some negative effects on the servers CPU usage, the radio system was rebuilt to be more efficient. While there is still more work to do, this new system runs more efficiently and can support a much larger user base without negative impact to the server.

PEDflow Meeting January 22nd 2020 Notes

On 01-22-2020 we had another public meeting. (VIDEO WITHIN).... actually no video, I missed it again. lol.

PEDflow 2019 End Of Year Meeting Notes

On 01-09-2020 we had our first meeting of 2020, and it went great! Unfortunately we lost the video, so I wanted to make sure the notes were still available to those who did not make it. We have another meeting scheduled for 01-16-2020 so make sure you dont miss out!