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PEDflows Free Weekly Sponsored Eco Hunt

Rules, Format, Expectation

This event happens every week!

Welcome to the PEDflow Eco Hunts outline document. The goal here is to outline all the the Rules, Hunting Format, and Expectations.

Vogels Weekly ECO-Hunt is a free event available to any member of PEDflow. This is a free hunting adventure that takes place on the PEDflow Land Area #28, Ahh...the Atrax! Every Thursday players gather with Vogel on the land area, and hunt as a team. This is good format for newer players who can't yet battle more powerful mobs by themselves. Hangout with fellow members and slap atrax! Healing is provided by the host at no cost to you, but some newer players may die regardless. It's ok if you do just be patient and the team will work their way back to you.

Currently seats are open to a first come first serve basis. However, if to many people start attending, seats will be given by raffle. We do plan to offer rotations during the event in groups. Make sure to chat with your coordinator in discord to make sure you know which group you are in. Most group rotations take approximately 30-45 minutes. Please try to show up about 15 minutes early to the event to ensure enough time is available to trade everyone.


First Thursday of the Current Month: 7am-9am UTC(EU Time)
Second Thursday of the Current Month: 1pm-3pm UTC(EU Time)
Third Thursday of the Current Month: 7pm-9pm UTC(EU Time)
Fourth Thursday of the Current Month: 1am-3am UTC(EU Time)


  • Users should be level 2.4 or higher in swordsman, however it’s not required.
  • User should have CDF armor set or greater.


The Team Leader shall be in charge at all times. Please listen to what they ask of you. The Team Leader will be in charge of creating the team, and shall name it " Weekly Eco Hunt LA#28". The loot shall be set to “Looter Takes All”, and ONLY the Team Leader Shall Loot Mobs!!!

Each team member will be given a fully repaired Falcata. Participants will be instructed on where to stand, and when to move. Because Atrax aggro from a long range. The Team Leader should position the team far enough back to not aggro random mobs. The Team Leader will pull mobs one at a time to the team, and keep aggro for as long as possible.The Team Leader should try and designate the primary target.

If the Team Leader has designated a primary target, ONLY attack that target. Should more Atrax aggro to your location, keep focused on the primary target. The Team Leader should engage the stray Atrax and tray to maintain aggro from all mobs by changing target after each shot. The Team Leader will assign the next primary target after the current target is dead. If the Team Leader designates a new target and you aren’t currently hitting that one, change targets to the requested mob.

While the Team Leader will try to keep everyone alive, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself healed and alive. Sometimes the Team Leader will feel it’s more important to increase DPS than to heal you.

Once your weapon is empty and you can no longer attack, let the Team Leader know, and after the current mob dies, they will repair tour weapon and return it. No more than 20 ped shall be spent to repair your weapon during any one eco hunt.


  • You must have 10 PED or more balance as collateral to make sure we get our weapon back.
  • If you won, but cannot make it, you lose your seat. You cannot give or trade your seat.
  • After winning, you MUST confirm your availability with the event organizer.
  • You must be confirmed at least 2 hours prior to the hunt, or your seat will be replaced.
  • If you can’t make it, please inform your host at least 2 hours before the hunt.
  • Missing a hunt that you have won, more than twice, without informing the host will get you barred from all future events.
  • You must hunt within the host’s team to participate. Leaving the team will get you barred from future events.
  • Looting creatures hunted by the team will get you kicked from the team, and barred from future events.