PEDflow's New Partner Means Big Ped For You

This is a chance for anyone, anywhere, to make good PED!

PEDflows coin2earn partnership


We are really excited to announce our new partnership with Coin2Earn. This partnership will give all of our users access to endless amounts of PED earning opportunities. You can earn as much PED as you are willing to put the work in for, and it doesn't matter what country you are in!

Coin2Earn works very similar to PEDflow's website, and allows gamers to pay for their gaming expenses and subscriptions through completing offers just like here.

NOTE: It's recommended that you don't complete any offers on coin2earn if you have been completing offers on PEDflow. It is suggested that you only use Coin2Earn as a recruiting tool in other game markets to transfer into PED. Completing offers from both websites might get you blocked by the vendors. Keep using PEDflow like normal, just recruit players from other games there to earn the most PED!

How It Works:

With this new partnership, you can directly link your PEDflow account to your new Coin2Earn account using the link in this article. You must be logged in to PEDflow for this link to connect to your PEDflow account. All earnings generated on the partner website can be withdrawn to PEDflow and exchanged for PED.

PEDflow members can promote Coin2Earn in other games whos markets are much larger. Even if you are in a country that doesn't get a lot of offers from our vendors, you can find and recruit endless amounts of users from other games who are. As these referrals earn coin, you will receive a portion of their earnings. Transfer that to PEDflow, and get your PED in game!


Along with the launch of the partnership, we will be giving away rewards and prizes to users who put the time in.

  • Earn 100 PED from Coin2Earn - You Get 25 Bonus PED
  • Earn 500 PED from Coin2Earn - You Get 50 Bonus PED
  • Earn 1,000 PED from Coin2Earn - You Get 125 Bonus PED