Singup For Robinhood - 10 Free PED, 1 Free Stock

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Singup for Robinhood and get 10 PED and a Free Stock!

What is Robinhood?

Note: This offer is currently only available to users in the Unites States, however United Kingdom should be available mid 2020.

Robinhood has grown to become one of the most popular Stock Trading apps largely in part because they don't charge a brokerage fee. In most cases, you would receive a $5-$20 trading fee PER trade using competing brokers. While it's important to remember that Robinhood is not designed or intended for day traders, the doors are opened to smaller trades without taking huge losses.

It's a common strategy today to save up large amounts of money through the action of saving smaller amounts of money in larger quantities. One of the things I commonly do is drop $20, $50, $100 ETC into Robinhood, and make purchases more often. If I find a stock I like and want to keep an eye on and lets say costs $5 each, I will throw $10 in and pick them up. A standard brokerage fee would completely wipe out my chances of making any profit.

Get 10 PED and A Free Stock!

As part of Robinhoods affiliate program, you get a Free Stock chosen completely by random. So before you even make your first stock purchase, you are already making a few bucks!

Ontop of that, PEDflow offers a signup bonus of 10 PED. All you have to do is sign up, complete your account, get your free stock, and then email your welcome email to [email protected] for manual processing. You will want to make sure to include your email address, both for your PEDflow account, and the email account you used to signup for Robinhood.

Stocks For A Living

Interestingly enough, stocks can be an absolutely amazing way to invest in your future, and could even potentially be a full time or part time job. Creating a plan and making smart purchases has given me the ability to create a small residual income with money that is essentially unused. If you study your stocks well, you can keep your investment safe while putting that money to work. Remember though, there is always a risk when investing in the stock market. The rewards can be high, but so can the risk involved. So take your time, do your research, and be confident in your purchases before you make them.

We will eventually be providing more information on stocks and other forms of investments. So if you liked this short article and want to see more, jump into the PEDflow Discord and post in the "Suggestions" channel about the kind of content you want to see.

  • Get a 10 PED bonus from PEDflow for successfully signing up.
  • Get 1 Free bonus stock directly from Robinhood by using our link.
  • Do some research, pick a few cheap stocks, and get your toes wet.
  • Create an investment plan, start preparing for your future!