Understanding The PEDflow Website

There are lots of things to do on PEDflow, we hope this helps you understand all your options

What Is PEDflow?

If you haven't heard about us yet, you'll be glad you know about us now! PEDflow is one of the largest and fastest growing Free PED earning website and society in game. From the very start, our goal has always been to help new players of Entropia Universe learn how to play the game, and doing everything we can to keep new players playing. Many of our are Free-To-Play member who don't want or can't deposit money into the game. Our website is here to help you earn the PED you need to play the game.

A Quick Overview

1. Account Information

This section will populate your nickname once you are logged in, and will give you access to your account settings and other helpful information. Under this section, you will find information such as:

  • Your profile information
  • Your personal account settings
  • Your Referrals and their earning information
  • Your winnings from PF. Flash and Raffles
  • Notifications
  • Your Item Wishlist (Not Complete)

2. PED Card and In Game Time

This area displays the current in game time for Entropia Universe, and also display information related to your balance on our website. As you earn Free PED on our website, you balance will increase and display here. You can also click the "Withdraw/Deposit" link to get more information on your available balance, and the withdraw requirements. Note: Our vendors require a 30 day holding period on all PED earned. Once your earnings have settled through this holding period, it will be available for withdraw.

3. Website Features

This is the great menu of EVERYTHING! Almost every feature of our website is available through this menu. Some pages require that you are logged in to view. I will cover each section in brief, but exploring them is usually the best way to learn about them.

Global Market
The global market is our version of the in game auction, but available to anyone on any planet, and it has no fee's! This feature is currently been taken down for redevelopment. While the original worked pretty decent, we think we can make it better. This time around we are building it to be compatable with the (under developemnt) desktop app, and android mobile app.

Earn PED
Here you will find all of the ways that you can earn PED through our website. If you want to Earn Free PED for Entropia Universe this is the section you will want to spend time in! Some of the things you will find here are:

  • Add Wall Offers
  • Offer Wall Offers
  • Videos
  • Referral Promotions (Promote Things)
  • Affiliate Promotions (Buy Things)
  • Redeem Code
Redeem codes can be found ocasionally on the website, through live streams, and even more often on our discord. Join Us On Discord.

PF Battle
PF Battle is the latest addition to the website, and we are happy to see that users are already playing. This section will hold various games that we are working on where users will be able to battle other players. Some games you can earn ped, in others you can wager bets.

PF Flash
PF FLash is the place to be if you want to win items for extremely cheap! Find unique and helpful item such as rings and shrapnel for ammo! Every flash event has a limited number of seats and each seat differs in cost. Pick a seat or two, and good luck!

PEDflow Center
This section covers all the transactions and information relating to you PED, Raffle Tickets, and Investments! Wondering if a payment went through? Want to know how many PF. Deeds you own? This is where you will go to find out.

We run contests all the time, and you can participate for your chance to win some really cool prizes. Contests are usually earnings based, and reward users who earn themselves Free PED!

Visiting the website every 24 hours gives you a free entry ticket for our raffles. Users can submit their raffle tickets for a chance to win many different prizes. Entries cost absolutely nothing!

PEDflow.com offers it's very own investment opportunities unique to our website. While we plan on adding more investment options, we currently offer one of the highest yielding investment opportunities for the game of Entropia. 2019 yielded a 14% ROI, and we are just getting started!

This section is where all of our guides will end up. That's where this article is! We are working hard to bring more content to help our members. Our goal is to create an archive of all the information a player will ever need.

Occasionally we have meetings, make major changes, or have important information we need our users to know. This section is kind of new, but you will see this grow as we release more information.

We've been told on many occasions we offer the best support around, and we wish to hold true to those statements! We try to provide support the best we can. The best place to find us is Discord!! Replies to emails and support submissions through the site might take a few days to get responses. But in discord you can usually get one in a few minutes.

Tips For PEDflow:

At this point you are ready to go, but there are some tips to using our website that might make things a little easier for you. Another good place to get help should you have any problems with hideout, is the PEDflow Discord Server

  • Hideout.tv, Ad Wall and Offer Wall offers will earn you THE MOST PED on this website.
  • Getting referrals will help you earn more PED!
  • Log in every day to get your free raffle ticket.
  • Participate in community events, we often give out free ped.
  • If you find bugs on the website, report them. We reward people who are honest.
  • This website is constantly growing. Bugs happen. Please understand and have patience. :)