Problem Updating Entropia Client Loader

Learn how to get your Entropia Universe client to update


Are you having a problem getting your Entropia Universe client loader to update? Getting an error? Here are some things you can try before you reinstall the game.

Occasionally the client loader can be a bit tricky. Sometimes windows or security software is to blame. Before you go and completely remove the game and all it's files, gives some of these a try.

Running As Administrator

One of the easiest fixes I have found when running into this issue, is running the client loader as administrator. The easiest way to do this is searching for Entropia from the start menu, and right clicking the exe, and choosing run as Administrator. I have found this to work in almost all cases.

"An Administrator has blocked you from running this App"

Sometimes there are funky security settings in place that prevent you from doing the above. If you are the administrator on your computer and getting this error, try this.

Open the start menu and search for "Command Prompt". Right click on this and run as administrator. For some reason running it this way works, but running the EU client this way doesn't.

For 32 bit system copy paste this into your Command Prompt "C:\Program Files\Entropia Universe\bin32\ClientLoader.exe"

For 64 bit system copy paste this into your Command Primpt "C:\Program Files (x86)\Entropia Universe\bin32\ClientLoader.exe"

These commands assume you have installed the game in the default location. If you installed the game in a different location you will need to adjust this.

The above didn't work, or another error.

If none of the above fixed your problem, and you are getting a different error, feel free to report the error in the PEDflow Discord server.

Other things you can try is temporarily disabling your anti virus software, or windows defender. These can sometimes cause issue. Make sure to turn them back on when you are done.

Still can't get the update to work? The last step would be removing the game completely and reinstalling.