Fight For 500

The Fight For 500 PED Has Started!

PEDflows coin2earn partnership


The new PEDflow promotion is on. This is your chance to earn PED while battling to win 500 PED!

How It Works:

For the next 3 months, every person appearing in the Contests Top 10 ranking at the end of each month will be given entries to win 500 PED.

Each 1-10 positions for both contests will be given entries based on the point system below. On February 2nd everyone's entries will be put into a drawing, and the person picked wins 500 PED. For fairness, we will live stream the drawing and show the number of entries each person has collected.

Point System:

Fight For 500 Points will be assigned based on the following:

  • Position 1-10 for both contests qualify for entries.
  • 1st Position will be awarded 4 Entries
  • 2nd Position will be awarded 3 Entries
  • 3rd Position will be awarded 2 Entries
  • 4-10th Positions will be awarded 1 entry


11/30/2021 Series A qualifiers listed in 1-10 positions will be recorded for November 2021 contests

12/31/2021 Series B qualifiers listed in 1-10 positions will be recorded for December 2021 contests

01/31/2022 Series C qualifiers listed in 1-10 positions will be recorded for January 2022 contests

02/02/2022 Time: TBD Live Stream for final drawing of the Fight For 500 PED winner.


2 Drawings will follow the drawing of the winner for the Fight For 500 promotion. These two winners will receive 50 PED each.


  • Any user caught trying to cheat the system in any way will lose all entries.
  • Winners can only win 1 Prize, regardless of being drawn more than once.
  • Entries can be revoked for excessive Chargebacks during this promotion period.
  • The prize of 500 PED will be held for 15 days after the promotion ends to ensure no excessive Chargebacks are incurred.
  • To qualify, you must be present on the top 10 positions at 24:00 hours of the last day of the month.

Series A Qualifiers:

Wall Offers Contest
  • 4 Entries: Alphawolf
  • 3 Entries: Rift
  • 2 Entries: Coilshot
  • 1 Entries: Greyhair
  • 1 Entries: Insaner00t
  • 1 Entries: Dustylopes
  • 1 Entries: Paul
  • 1 Entries: Lego17
  • 1 Entries: Lori
  • 1 Entries: endermigne
Videos Contest
  • 4 Entries: Coilshot
  • 3 Entries: JohnFreez
  • 2 Entries: Insaner00t
  • 1 Entries: Gatekeeper
  • 1 Entries: Koo
  • 1 Entries: nicko
  • 1 Entries: Bax
  • 1 Entries: Joob
  • 1 Entries: Reitie
  • 1 Entries: Jason