PEDflow 2019 End Of Year Meeting

Hey everyone, if you were able to make it to the live stream, it was really nice having you. The meeting went great in my opinion, and it seems like others enjoyed their time as well. The good news is we talked about a lot of important things, and covered lots of changes. The bad news however, is the video didn’t save. Oops :/

For those who missed the stream, I hope this write up can atleast get you caught up and prepared for the next meeting, on 1-16-2020 3PM PST (23:00 UTC) where we will be live again on twitch (this time with the recording going?). In the next meeting, we will finish talking about the things we missed this time around, about new subjects we would love your feedback on.

Here were the major talking points we covered in our first meeting of 2020!

  • Talking about updates to PF. Deeds, the land area, and what's going on.
  • Talking about promotions for ambassadors, and the need to fill positions.
  • Talking about changes to the radio, and some changes to payouts and features.
  • Talking about Merchandise.
  • Introducing a new feature to the website (game).

Land Area

The first part of the meeting covered all the details relating to the PF. Deeds and the process we have gone through to acquire our first Land Area. There were many details covered in this section, but the information you need to know is.

  • We have worked hard to get to this point, and because our community is so amazing, we have almost reached our first goal.
  • We are days away from having the land in our possession.
  • As we have said from day one, there will be a point when payouts for deeds will drop dramatically, if not stop completely.
  • The land we are purchasing isn’t currently making enough to support deed payouts, so we are looking for other ways to subsidize the payouts in the short term.
  • The land we are purchasing has the potential to create larger returns than we have ever seen with our payouts, but will require a lot of work, and help from the community.
  • The land will be most desirable to players around level 15-20 hunting with armor, but will be suitable for newer players who team up in 2-3 team parties.
  • Hunting on the land, promoting hunting on the land, and promoting events will help us generate more income for deeds.

That’s the essentials of what we covered in short. If you want more information on this, make sure to join our next meeting as we will be covering the information again.


The second talking point in the meeting was about our Ambassadors and the amazing job they have been doing with helping the community. Most of this part of the meeting was giving shout outs to each ambassador talking about some of the things we appreciate about them.

Here are the major changes to the Ambassadors.

  • Cervus, Trivious Maximus, and Vogel will all be promoted to Admins.
  • As admins, they will have the ability to control more aspects of the discord and the website. This should give them the ability to help more users.
  • We will be looking to fill more ambassador positions and are looking for the members to choose who they think deserves the opportunity. To submit someone as a recommendation PM jjonesdesign in discord with the person you’d like to see.
  • Users with “Old Guard” status are more likely to be chosen from the submissions.


The third and probably one of the longest discussion during the meeting was about the radio, changes to the payouts, and a long explanation of how the radio payouts work. It’s a shame that I lost the video of the meeting, because this was the moment when I called on the community to make the right choice in helping others, and explained how the system only works when everyone does things as a team.

Not every member of the website has access to all the same opportunities as others, which is why we rely on those who do get access to good offers to help support the other members who don’t. Recently, we have lost a lot of our video users because competitor sites have decided the only way to get more users is to undercut our payouts. Yes, you can make more from videos with competing website, but they also aren’t helping the community like you are when cashing out video points with us.

Because so many users have left the site for a competitor, we are forced to decrease the radio payouts to 0.01 PED PER 30 minutes. Currently, too much money is getting taken by users who do not get radio ads, and the users who were helping support those users have taken their payouts elsewhere.

While the base payout for the radio will be 0.01 PED, there will be ways that you can increase this payout amount. An example of this, will be the requirement to cash out a certain amount of points from Hideout each week to keep your payout bonus active. There will be other ways of increasing your radio payouts, and even the potential to get more than 0.03 per half hour.

As a community I know we can pull this back together and help more people. You’re part of that, and we are thankful to have you here with us, supporting the community.


This was the fourth and probably the shortest section of the meeting, but one that I was really excited to talk about. We now have access to an embroidery machine thanks to the business I own that will be looking to work with streamers to provide high quality merchandise. With this comes the ability to create custom merchandise just for the PEDflow website.

Hats and Beanies will be available soon for purchase, and will have a PED kickback program attached to it. We will also be using merchandise to encourage streamers to work with us, as well as for give-aways to our user base. Only thing to keep in mind is international shipping can get quite expensive, and in some cases winners will have to cover their own shipping costs.

There is also an opportunity for those looking to earn some affiliate commissions. My business will be looking for streamers who want to sell high quality merchandise to their viewers, as well as looking for business, schools, clubs, and church groups. Making connections to make merchandise can yield more income for you.

The New Feature

The last major talking point during the meeting was about the addition of a new feature to the website. The development server was offline during the meeting so I wasn’t able to show a live demo, but showed pictures of the new Rock Paper Scissors battling platform.

Users will be able to create a game, which requires the setting of a wager. This wager can be as low as 0.03 PED or as high as you wish to challenge.

NOTE: There is a 0.03 PED cancelation fee for any game created. If you create a game with a wager of 0.03 and cancel it, you will not receive a refund. Any game with a wager with an amount higher than 0.03PED will be refunded the amount wagered minus the fee.

The winner of the RPS game will receive the wager amount from both players, minus a 10% fee that will be applied to PF. Deed payouts. This number isn’t permanent and will be adjusted accordingly as we run more games and test the new feature. Notices will be posted in discord if these fee ever changes.