PEDflow Meeting January 22nd 2020

Welcome again everyone! I know you are here because Yes, I failed to get a video of the meeting. Again. :D

Well, I setup Twitch to automagically record and save the videos now. So worst case I will have that file. But I am also going to make sure that I hit record BEFORE the meeting. I usually let the music play and finalize setup for a few minutes before starting, and I always get started without remembering to hit the damn button. But it's setup now, so we have a backup!

Many of you missed the meeting because it was held at a mostly EU friendly time, and we will continue to work on keeping a balance for everyone. The internet is amazing, and it's cool to connect with people form all around the world. However, that makes scheduling and figuring out good times for everyone almost impossible. but we will keep doing our best to make everyone happy, and will make sure future videos are easily accessible (and existent).

Anyway, This meeting was held on January 22nd, 2018 at 12pm UTC.

  • Talking about the land area, and what’s going on.
  • Talking about ideas for LA promotion.
  • Talking about Free Flights To Teleport.
  • Talking about Shrapnel For Victory.
  • Talking about PF. Deeds, payouts, and Numbers.

Land Area

To open up the meeting I wanted to talk first about the updates relating to the new land area and some of the changes that have been made. If you have been to the LA recently, you know we have already started to keep our promises about putting your money to work!

  • Sign setup
  • LA message setup
  • Fertalizer purchased/created
  • Shopkeeper setup
  • Shrapnel sales

I was able to find some cheap signs that only had 1 item point, so we now have a custom sign on the LA that explains who owns the land, where the money came from, and that we have the best radio in game on the website! :D

The custom LA message also got setup, of course it took me a few times because of typo's but I am sure you expected nothing else by now. Free Spell Check, 2020!!!

If you didn't know it already, LA 28 requires fertilizer to keep the mobs attracted to our land. I picked some up off the market for a very cheap MU and threw it in. We have also had some members turn in their dung so we could make more. After finding a nice stack of Growth Molecules also for a reasonable MU, we got quite the nice stack of fertilizer inventory.

I took a few days posting in Calytrade looking for a Shop Keeper for a discount, but decided to settle on purchasing the one available on the auction. It was about 100 PED more than I wanted to pay, but the benefits of having it I felt would make up for that money in a short time. With a Shopkeeper, we can be open for sales 24 hours a day. We will be working on gather items to stock the shopkeeper with, but right now the main product is going to be shrapnel! This will be helpful becuase there is no storage on the LA, and we want to make it easier for hunters to just keep on hunting. Run out of ammo? No problem, hit the shopkeeper and grab some more. This will help keep hunters cycling PED on our land.

Land Area Promotions

The next topic was kept pretty short during the meeting because we didn't really have a lot to talk about yet. We have been working on some general concepts for land area events, such as AUD for first prize, a point system for globals/hofs and the usual kind of events. But we have also been working on something that should make events on our land area very interesting, and different from any other land area. We aren't quite talking about those in detail yet, but you should be hearing about them soon!

If you come up with any cool ideas, or anything you think might be cool and unique to do for an event, let us know in the discord. We'd love to have you there!

Join Discord

Free Teleport Taxi!

Don't have the Teleport to LA #28, Ahh...the Atrax? No problem, we have a few people lined up who are happy to pick you up and give you a taxi at no charge to you. All you have to do is join us in discord, and let us know you need a ride in the #free-la-tp-request channel.

Shrapnel For Victory

To keep the ammo supply stocked on the Land Area, we have started the Shrapnel for Victory campaign. We are calling on your to help to supply our troops with ammo so we can keep the waves of Atrax at bay while we conduct our business in the shed. Turn in 10 PED TT work of Shrapnel (100,000 Pieces), and we will give you full TT value in PED and 10 Raffle Tickets to win cool prizes from Raffles.

PF. Deeds, Payouts, and Numbers

The last and final discussion during the meeting was about the deeds, their payouts, and deed specific numbers.

  • 9000 Deeds Generated In Total.
  • Expected to need to to sell around 12-15k
  • 8315 Deeds sold (Offically Sold Out and closed for sale on 1-24-2020)
  • Payout of 0.03 this week was entirely from LA, much higher than expected
  • Expecting numbers to increase with promotions, events, and more
  • Looking for Streamers and Promoters to work with us to advertise LA
  • Investment Growth Fund
  • How will PF. Deeds be sold/purchased after Jan 31st?

We spent quite a lot of time on all of these subjects, and this is the part I will regret missing the recording of most. I've even considered paying for one of the premium discord bots that will record and email me the audio of meetings. Might be nice to have also?

There was a total of 9k PF. Deeds generated in total, which at the time of the meeting 8315 were sold. As of 1-24-2020 they were completely sold out with about 12 hours left before we were manually shutting them off. The part that we are happy about is only having to create 9k deeds in total, we had original estimated that we would need around 12k-15k to get a decent land area. So there are quite a few in total, but not enough to devaluate their resale potential.

We gave up all of our CLD as part of the purchase of the land, which was where most of our foundation was with payouts. This was expected as we needed them for capital to make the purchase. This means that 100% of the payout for this week was generated entirely from the land area. This is pretty good considering the amounts for payouts that were reported from the seller would of provided about .01-.02 per week. So a 0.03 is good for just getting started. We will also start putting the extra funds back to work and start building up payouts from that. Along with additional taxes from events, promotions, etc, we should start seeing the payouts grow.

The Investment Growth Fund was discussed in pretty high detail during the meeting, but is a pretty simple concept overall. We will be taking around 5% of the total weekly income and putting that aside specifically for the purpose of Investment Growth. We won't be taking this % early on, as we want the payouts to keep everyone happy, but won't the land income starts to build up and payouts become a little better, we will start growing the fund. Examples of what these funds will purchase are: Yearly renewal of LA custom Global Message, Equipment for shopkeepers (Revenue from these specific items will go directly to the growth fund, large commission items may contribute to weekly payouts), Items needed to host events, promoting of land area and events, and anything else that seems like a good way to increase the funds overall value.

On February 1st, some time in the evening, the ability to sell your PF. Deeds to other players will become available. As the owner of your PF. Deeds, you will have the right to sell your holdings, you will even be able to select what price you want to sell them at. See a deed for sale and like the price? You can buy it! Note, that is you wish to sell your PF. Deeds, there is going to be a small transaction fee per deed, per listing. (By the way, if you have read this far, here is a promo code for you, CIwAcqSID58 , shh don't tell anyone). This is to prevent price spamming, as well as market runs. It would be costly for a user to create and cancel orders repeatedly to change what they are selling their deeds for. This will help prevent rapid price growth or shrinkage.

That essentially covers everything. The meeting was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to the next one. We haven't set a date just yet so keep an eye on announcements in discord! If you appreciate when I write these up let me know in discord, I might try to do these for each meeting. I'm sure it helps with SEO right? :D