PEDflow Radio Has Been Rebuilt

Posted: 10-11-2020

The long over-due rebuild of the radio service on PEDflow has been completed!

Not long ago I started noticing a huge influx in radio activity, which also brought to our web server some unexpected overhead. With all this rapid new traffic it became apparent that the original radio system just wasn't efficient enough. To make sure the website kept running fast and efficient, I decided to rebuild the radio payment tracking system, as well as the way the radio did the actual payouts.

The new radio system is now complete, and currently serving users! Woot!

The only downside to this new system was that I had to create another little script to pull in the old radio balance data and apply a payout. I tested this the best I could but of course there was an error on some accounts. It seems this error happened to anyone with an old radio balance that had 100 or more PED in their account.

I have had to go through the accounts and manually fix some of them, so if I missed yours please do let me know so I can make it right!

During this upgrade, I also added some new security features to prevent radio abuse. The system will now automatically ban users attempting to try and abuse the radio, you will not get any warning from this. The system will just outright ban your account. If you have been banned recently and feel like this was from error, please reach out to us in discord and we can take a look into the issue.

If you have any issues with the radio service, feel free to report them to us in discord!

- Jesse