PEDflow Update V1.7.0

Posted: 06-19-2024

Hey Everyone! We have an exciting announcement to make about the latest website update which unlocks more potential for us as a community. Here are the current changes being implemented and the effects it will have.

LTC Payouts:
With the addition of crypto deposits into Entropia Universe, PEDflow has added the option to receive withdrawals into your LTC wallet. This will allow you to deposit into the game yourself instead of having to rely on meeting with one of our team members to get your PED in game!

Payout Methods:
The My Account page has been updated in preparation for future changes, but has unlocked the ability to add multiple payout methods. Existing users have had their Entropia character names automatically migrated to payout methods, and new users will enter their in-game name here to enable in-game withdrawals/deposits.

Here you are also able to add your LTC wallet address to enable LTC withdraws/deposits.

Website Nicknames:
All website nicknames have been reset. Since user profile nicknames are no longer associated with Entropia user accounts (They are now payout methods) we have reset all user nicknames to allow the opportunity to choose how your name should be displayed on the website. These names are unique and will be displayed on the website.

Going forward there will be a few limitations on the new LTC payouts method. Firstly, this option will not be available for non-earning users. EI: Users who have not earned PED from one of the vendors on the Earn Page are not eligible. Radio only users will not qualify until they have earned 20 PED from vendor payouts.

LTC Payouts will also be limited in the short term, to 20 ped a month. Because this is a new feature, and creates a second source of payouts we have to maintain, we are limiting payouts until our own wallet balance gets to the point we can sustain larger payouts and still service the majority of users.

Future Changes:
We have more exciting changes coming soon, which includes some changes to the PEDflow radio, vendor offerings, and more. If you aren’t yet there, join the PEDflow Discord and give us feedback and hangout with our amazing community members!

- Jesse